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Hem Tape

Alter your clothes in minutes and stay event ready with our easy-to-use hem tape

A must-have in every girl’s bag of tips and tricks, our temporary hem tape is your secret weapon to ensure your garments fall perfectly in place. Whether you’re moments from a special occasion or want to maintain a put-together look for everyday wear, our hem tape for dresses, skirts, pants and tops will help you sculpt your clothes in minutes with an invisible finish.

For the ultimate fashion solutions, discover the leading collection of hem adhesive tape in Australia at Hollywood Fashion Secret, and never dress with a hair or hem out of place. With everything you need in one place to elegantly style yourself for comfort and flair, explore our complete range that includes fashion tape, body glue, footwear and breast solutions. If you need product recommendations or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch — we’re always here to help.


How do I use temporary hem tape?

After measuring your pants, dresses, skirts or tops to where you want the hem to fall, remove the backing of our no sew tape and adhere it in place. Once applied, remove the alternate side’s backing and fold your garment over. Do not stretch or loosen the fabric to achieve the best result and maintain a seamless fit.

How do I remove instant hem tape?

Our no sew, no iron hem tape can be easily removed. Simply pry it from the corner and gently pull it off, apply heat from a hair drier or rest a cloth soaked in hot water on top. If it’s a little stubborn, rub it with isopropyl alcohol.

Where can I buy no sew hem tape?

Right here at Hollywood Fashion Secrets Australia! You’ll find the best hemming tape that maintains a long-lasting hold to seamlessly make temporary alterations and style your ensembles with a put-together polish.

How can I temporarily shorten my pants?

Hollywood Fashion Secret will give you a seamless temporary hem when you want to swap between a low-top sneaker to high heels. Simply measure where you want the hem to fall, cut our hem tape into small sections, remove the backing and stick it in place. Next, remove the front-facing backing and wrap the hem over to give you a temporarily altered garment in minutes.

Is temporary hem tape reusable?

Sadly, no! Temporary hem tape is for one-time use only and is not designed for permanent alterations. Always apply a fresh piece of hem tape to new fabrics. 

Can I use hem tape on all types of fabric?

Our hem tape works on a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester and silk. However, it may not be suitable for heavy or thick materials like denim. It’s always a good idea to pre-test hem tape to ensure fabric compatibility.

How long does hem tape hold up?

It depends on the fabric type, how well you apply it, and the stress the garment experiences during wear. In general, though, you can expect temporary hem tape to last for several hours to a day. Use it for events or quick solutions — but for long-lasting or permanent alterations, visit your trusted tailor!

Is hem tape waterproof?

Unfortunately, temporary hem tape is not designed to be waterproof. While it can withstand a certain degree of moisture and sweat, prolonged exposure to water may weaken the adhesive. It’s best to avoid frolicking in the rain or jumping into a pool with your garment on. 

Can I use the tape on uneven hems?

Certainly! Our hem tape is cut into several short strips, so you can even apply it to curved or uneven hems. 

Temporary Hem Tape


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