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Stick on Bra

Get invisible support when you need it most with the best stick on bras in Australia

Looking for that perfect, seamless, invisible bra look? With our ultra-convenient stick on bra, we’ve got you covered! Ideal for plunging necklines, t-shirts and backless and strapless dresses, our adhesive stick on bras will have you stepping out in confidence every time. 

Lift and conceal with reusable, natural-looking stick-on bras

Easy to use and made with only the highest quality materials, our stick on bra pads are gentle on the skin, leave no trace of icky residue, and, most importantly, stay effortlessly in place. The result? Seamless, undetectable support with every garment you wear.

Try our stick on bras to take advantage of these features: 


  • Reusability — Our stick on bras are a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use adhesive bras. Whether for weddings, parties or an outfit that requires more freedom, you can reuse our stick on bras up to six times!
  • Natural-looking — Say goodbye to uncomfortable or obvious underwire bras and enjoy a naturally enhanced look with our stick on bras. Our adhesive options are easy to apply and offer a discreet, subtle and comfortable fit. 
  • Skin-friendliness — Worried about sticky residue? Not with our stick on bras. Perky Bunnies use skin-friendly adhesives that feel gentle and comfortable against your skin. More importantly, they don’t leave icky residues behind!
  • Staying power — Thanks to the high-quality materials and design, our stick on bras stay in place all day long. Move confidently knowing your adhesive bra will provide seamless and undetectable support.

How to wear and care for your Perky Bunnies

Getting the most out of your Perky Bunnies is as easy as 1-2-3 — literally! Here’s our stick on bra application guide: 

Step 1: Clean and dry

Wipe your breasts clean and pat your skin dry. Avoid applying lotions, oils or powders to help the adhesive stick and stay on for a longer period. 

Step 2: Position carefully

Place the stick on bra on your breasts and adjust for the desired level of lift and support. Give them a gentle scoop for a naturally enhanced effect!

Step 3: Securely attach

Gently press the stick on bra to your skin for a secure lift. Pat the bra to help the adhesive stick. 

With your stick on bra in place, you’re ready to conquer the day or the night with confidence. Wear your outfit with pride and know you have seamless and discreet support. After each use, clean your stick on bra with mild soap and water. Air dry it completely and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain the adhesive quality.

Looking for stick on bras in Australia? Order from Hollywood Fashion Secrets today 

At Hollywood Fashion Secrets, we’re passionate about providing smart solutions for life’s annoying fashion mishaps. Whether you want discreet support or more freedom in your outfit choices, our stick on bras have got your back, no matter what. These seamlessly blend with your wardrobe, so you can wear backless, strapless or plunging neckline styles with confidence. If you need stick on bras in Australia, order them at Hollywood Fashion Secrets now!

Along with being leading suppliers of stick-on bras in Australia, we offer a full range of easy-to-use breast solutions, including nipple covers, transparent boob tape, clear bra straps and extenders and the iconic fashion tape. Explore our complete collection, or if you need some product recommendations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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