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Breast Enhancers

Increase your bust size by a full cup with easy-to-use chicken fillet bras. At Hollywood Fashion Secrets, we carry silicone bra inserts designed to give you red carpet-confidence!

Subtle, transparent and reusable, our breast enhancers can fit most bra sizes while maintaining a natural look. They can also be used individually to balance uneven breasts.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle lift or a va-va-voom effect, our breast enhancers for bras will take your curves to new heights! Shop now and find the perfect fit for your fabulous self.

Gel bra inserts: The ultimate way to add extra oomph!

Our high-quality breast enhancers allow you to show off your beautiful curves without worry or discomfort. Discover why our premium-quality bust enhancement inserts are a game changer!

Natural and comfortable

Our chicken fillet bra inserts are crafted from skin-friendly clear silicon. The silicone pad seamlessly fits along the curves of the chest, close to the bra, to avoid slipping or shifting. It stays securely in place and blends seamlessly into your bust.

Washable and reusable

Our gel bra inserts are hygienic and waterproof. Simply hand wash your breast enhancers with mild soap, and they’ll be ready for reuse!

Easy-to-use fillets for bra

Unleash your inner bombshell with chicken fillet inserts that can be tucked into your bra or swimsuit. Position them under your breasts or place them off to the side for jaw-dropping volume! Our cleavage boosters are soft, clear and ideal for even the most delicate bra styles.

Small to medium sizes

Nailing the perfect fit is the secret to achieving that natural, confidence-boosting enhancement you desire. For our A or B cup girlies, we recommend getting the small-sized breast enhancers. They give a subtle boost that feels oh-so natural!

Blessed with a B or C cup and what a little extra oomph? Small-sized breast enhancers might do the trick, but if you’re in the mood for more volume, consider our medium-sized options. 

Look and feel like a goddess with breast enhancers by Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Achieve maximum lift and fullness without the cost and risks of a boob job! Browse our collection of breast solutions, ranging from boob tape and nipple covers to stick on bras and bra strap extenders. Need more? We’ve got other products to elevate every detail of your look!



How can I enhance a small bust?

Using silicone bra inserts is a simple way to achieve a fuller look. Make sure to select inserts proportionate to your natural bust size for natural-looking results. Besides breast enhancers, you can experiment with low-cut tops and plunging necklines that create the illusion of a fuller bust.

How are silicone bra inserts worn?

It’s easy! Gently lift your breast and slide the inserts into your bra cups. Ensure they’re secure and feel comfortable against your breasts. Experiment with different placements until you’ve achieved your desired amount of lift from your breast enhancers.

Can I wear chicken fillet inserts with different types of bras?

Absolutely! They’re compatible with various bra styles, including push-ups, strapless and padded bras.

How do I know what size breast enhancers to wear?

It depends on how much volume you want! Small breast enhancers add a subtle lift to your bust, while medium-sized options give you a lot of volume. Besides sizing, also consider your outfit. Low-cut tops, strapless dresses or everyday wear may require different choices — it’s up to you! Try on different sizes and see which ones feel the most comfortable and flattering for your OOTD. 

Are breast enhancers reusable? If so, how often should I replace them?

Yes, our gel bra inserts are completely reusable. With proper care and maintenance, you can use them for several months to a year or even more. After use, wash your breast enhancers with mild soap and water and air dry them. Don’t forget to store them in a dry place so you can use them again the next day. 

Silicone Breast Enhancers


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