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Hollywood Fashion Tape

A must-have in every woman’s clothing arsenal, Hollywood Fashion Tape is the key to avoiding unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions and maintaining a polished look around the clock. Our easy-to-use fashion tape creates an invisible finish, perfect for fixing anything from a gaping shirt, a loose hem or another detail that can shatter an otherwise flawless outfit. 

Made from hypoallergenic materials that are gentle on sensitive skin and delicate areas, our tapes sit comfortably and firmly without causing redness or irritation. Plus, our fabric-friendly double-sided fashion tape can be removed easily without damaging your clothes or pulling at delicate fabrics.

Say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions and invest in Hollywood Fashion Tape

Skip expensive last-minute alterations by using fashion tape to mould the outfit to your body like a second skin. Stay dressed to the nines, and step out confidently without worrying about readjusting the fit or placement of your clothes. Loose or falling hems are fashion faux pas that can be easily avoided using double-sided hem tape to create a temporary hem. Need your clothing or accessories to stay put during a windy event? Use sweat-resistant body glue to keep everything secure or contour and lift your breasts with our stretchable and flexible fashion tape — it’s specifically designed to remain undetected underneath backless and strapless dresses or silhouettes with plunging necklines.

Create seamless outfits with innovative solutions from Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Hollywood Fashion Secrets offers brilliant solutions that’ll help prevent fashion emergencies, awkward nip slips and unwanted wardrobe malfunctions. From sliding traps to falling hemlines, it’s easy to secure and fix your garments when you have our best-selling fashion tape at the ready. Looking for more? While you’re here, explore our complete range of products — from breast to fashion and footwear solutions, there’s something to fix any fashion faux pas. 


What does fashion tape do?

Fashion tape is the easiest way to avoid wardrobe malfunctions while maintaining a sophisticated look every time you step out. Fashion tape secures falling bra straps, plunging necklines, loose hems, gaping sleeves, awkward heels and more. The hypoallergenic double-sided tape is easy to slip into your purse and easier to whip out when you spot a potential fashion emergency — so you can always look and feel your best in whatever you wear. 

Is Hollywood Fashion Tape waterproof?

Yes. Made from a medical grade, hypoallergenic, sweat-proof material, it’s easy to stay secure and confident from dawn to dusk when you have our fashion tape in your beauty arsenal. 

How do I use Hollywood Fashion Tape?

Simply follow our instructions below: 

  • Before you get started and for the best results, ensure your skin is free from oils, lotions and moisturisers. 
  • To use our fashion tape, remove a strip and select where you wish to secure your clothing. 
  • Remove the backing film and fix the tape to your skin. 
  • Use the other side of the tape to adhere the garment to the tape. 
  • Rub gently, and you’re all set. 

Where do I buy Hollywood Fashion Tape?

You can buy fashion tape directly from our website. We offer free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $50. If you have any questions, contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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