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Hip Hugger

The Hollywood hip hugger — your wardrobe’s best-kept secret

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of hip huggers, ours are designed with a unique blend of comfort, style and practicality. Hip huggers work as discrete, adjustable, elastic clips that are gentle against delicate areas, so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them all day. This little miracle worker gives you the confidence to strut your stuff while keeping your trousers exactly where they should be — at your hips.

Unlike traditional belts, Hollywood hip huggers provide a flawless, seamless fit without adding any bulk around your waist. They hug your hips discretely and invisibly, creating a smooth silhouette and a well-tailored look. No more annoying belt buckles or awkward gaps!

Hollywood Fashion Secrets — smart solutions for everyday fashion dilemmas  

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Pesky bra straps that are just a few inches too tight? Our bra band extenders offer the perfect adjustment. Or perhaps you've got a backless dress you've been dying to wear? Our stick-on bra provides the support you need without compromising your outfit's sleek back design.

Shop hip huggers and more at Hollywood Fashion Secrets online today

Ready to revolutionise your wardrobe? Our extensive range of innovative products ensures you can focus on being you while we take care of the rest. Shop our hip huggers collection today and let your style shine, minus the pesky wardrobe glitches. 

Hollywood Fashion Secrets has a solution for every sticky situation. Feel free to contact us for any styling mishaps — our team will gladly help.


What are hip huggers?

Hip huggers are clever fashion accessories designed to ensure your trousers or jeans sit perfectly on your hips, preventing them from slipping down or moving about during your day. They are adjustable, elastic clips that attach to your trousers, pulling the waistband in to create a snug, comfortable fit. With our Hollywood hip huggers, you can say goodbye to sagging waistbands and the constant need to hoist your jeans. 

How do I use Hollywood hip huggers?

Using Hollywood hip huggers is super easy. Here's how:

  1. Start by undoing the clips on either side of the hip hugger.
  2. Attach one clip to the back of your trousers on one side of the waistband and the other on the opposite.
  3. Adjust the strap to your comfort. It will pull the waistband in, ensuring a perfect fit.

That's it! Now your trousers will stay in place, giving you a smooth, streamlined look. Hollywood hip huggers are your simple solution to a common wardrobe problem. Happy styling!

Hip Hugger


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