The Common Wardrobe Malfunctions Every Girl Experiences (and how to fi Skip to main content

The Common Wardrobe Malfunctions Every Girl Experiences (and how to fix them!)

The Common Wardrobe Malfunctions Every Girl Experiences (and how to fix them!)
Whether it was a falling hem or popped button, we think it’s safe to assume that almost every woman has experienced a fashion mishap at least once in the past.

But, had you known there was a pocket-sized fashion emergency tool that works wonders on keeping things intact, the panic you may have experienced could well have been averted – even if only temporarily!

With Hollywood Fashion Tape, dreaded outfit glitches can be avoided (or at least addressed) with a simple, quick and invisible fix.

Here we explore some of the most common fashion mishaps and how Hollywood Fashion Secrets can come to the rescue for any future malfunctions!

A gaping blouse

When your outfit screams ‘class’, a gaping buttonhole or worse, a missing button that leaves little to the imagination, could be considered a corporate disaster.

With Hollywood Fashion Secrets, help is at hand. Simply adhere the Hollywood Fashion Tape to the inside of the shirt and fasten the outer lapel in place. Hollywood Fashion Tape is a stronghold double-sided tape, specifically designed to stick to fabrics, so you can feel at ease knowing things will most certainly remain in place.

If you’ve popped a button, and you managed to salvage the escapee, you can even cut a small square of the tape and stick it the back of the button before adhering it onto the blouse.

And, voila! A deceptive alteration to help you maintain your modesty.

A sliding strapless dress

An ill-fitting strapless dress can be the cause for chaos if you’re not prepared.

With Hollywood Fashion Tape, you can secure the bust of the dress in place in an instant. For extra support, the Hidden Secrets Stick-On Bra can help with added endowment if required.

We recommend adhering two strips across the front of the dress, two at the back and one under each arm to avoid any potentially disastrous slippage.

Hollywood Fashion Tape’s specially formulated adhesive is hypoallergenic, so those with sensitive skin can rest assured the strips are gentle on the skin.

A loose hem 

Loose hems can make any outfit look disheveled and unflattering. Our Temporary Hem Tape works wonders on keeping your hemline intact until you’re able to have it professionally altered.

The strength of the tape can also help you in an outfit crisis – when you haven’t had time to take the hem up before the wearable occasion! A few strips of this invisible miracle tape works to hold not only a small part of your hem intact, but can also replicate an entire hem stitch for a temporary fix!


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