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How To Use Boob Tape: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

How To Use Boob Tape: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Have you ever been disappointed by a new cute top or dress that looked so good until you realised you didn't have the right bra to wear with it or the right shape to fill it out? Don't worry — we've all been there, and there's a secret to looking good in any outfit: boob tape!

In this guide for beginners, we'll teach you how to use boob tapes for any outfit and situation. From proper prep and removal to creating discreet support and flattering shapes, we have all the tips you need.

How to prepare your boob tape

Proper prep is key to lasting and pain-free boob tape use, so follow these steps before application:

  1. Start with clean skin — Take a shower or clean your chest area to remove any natural oils, sweat and residue that will prevent the tape from adhering securely.
  2. Avoid moisturisers and oils — After proper cleansing, do not use any products to the areas you will be applying the boob tape.
  3. Pat dry — Make sure your skin is completely free of any moisture before sticking on the boob tape.
  4. Get comfy with a mirror — Sit or stand comfortably in front of a mirror with your boob tape and scissors at an easy-to-reach distance. Use the mirror to check for any adjustments needed for the best shape and symmetry.

Tips for first-time users:

  • Do a patch test on the back of your hand or the underside of your arm if you haven’t ever tried boob tape before. Leave it on for at least an hour to check for a reaction.
  • Consider shaving 24 hours before application if you have significant hair growth or length in that part of your body to avoid painful boob tape application and removal.

How to use boob tape for a strapless dress

  1. Place a strip of tape on the outer side of your breast, starting from under your arm and orienting it vertically.
  2. Gently pull the tape upwards to lift the breast, securing the tape higher on your chest below the clavicle. Adjust according to your comfort and your dress’s neckline.
  3. Repeat the process, slightly overlapping the tape until your breast is covered or has the level of support you desire.

How to use boob tape for a backless dress

  1. Start taping from the side of your breast nearest to your arm, pulling the tape gently up and towards the centre of your chest.
  2. Apply another strip of tape starting from under your breast, lifting upwards for support.
  3. Continue applying strips of tape over each other until you achieve the shape and support you want.

Ways to get full support with boob tape

If you’re blessed with a well-endowed chest, using boob tape may seem like a futile and daunting task. Luckily, we can teach you how to use boob tape for large breasts so you can leave your house confident and with full support!

No matter what style of dress you wear or taping pattern you use, try out these tips for full, long-lasting support:

  • Use multiple shorter layers of tape to lift your breasts in stages.
  • In between the layers of taping on the sides of your chest, you can add a horizontal strip of tape under each breast. This will act as an extra anchor of support and security.
  • Test and adjust what works best for you — this precautionary step will save you from extra pain and stress later on.

Ways to achieve perfect shaping

For those who want a more shapely look, here’s how to use boob tape for your cleavage:

  1. Push your breasts together by bending slightly forward or using your arms.
  2. Apply the tape starting from the outside of one breast, pulling gently towards the other and securing the tape on the other side.
  3. Add more layers of tape starting from the sides and underneath your breasts for support and to enhance the cleavage effect.

How to remove boob tape

After you’ve slayed in your outfit, slowly remove the tape, never forcefully tearing it off. If there’s resistance, apply oil or a moisturiser to peel it off easily.

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