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How To Get The Perfect Cleavage

How To Get The Perfect Cleavage

Boobs - they come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us just happen to be a little more well-endowed than others, and while that's something to embrace, it can stop those with smaller cup sizes from thinking they are able to get that perfect peek of cleavage with an outfit.

Thinking that small-chested girls are doomed to forever wear covered tops is complete codswallop. Apart from getting a breast augmentation, there's not much that can be done about the actual size of your breasts, but instead, you can do a lot about how they appear - here are some tips.

Know the right size of your boobs at the right time

Your girls aren't a single size all the time. Many hormonal changes in our bodies leads our boobs to fluctuate in size, so having a fair idea what dimensions they'll be during that time of the month will help you find the right sort of bra (and outfit) to wear during that time.

Finding a bra that fits right is important for not just support, but to also show off your assets in the best way possible. It won't look good if your breasts are being squeezed out of a too-small cup!

Do you know your cup size during all stages of the month?

Our Silicone Breast Enhancers are waterproof, so can be used under swimwear to perk up your goods.

To literally bump up that bulge on your chest, push-up bras are a godsend to small-chested women all around the world. However, they can also be pricey, and may not wear as comfortable. What do you do? Revert back to the habits of your childhood, of course! Except this time, instead of stuffing your bra with toilet paper, reach for the grown-up option - Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone Breast Enhancers.

They're two small pads to create the illusion of fuller boobs. You can easily tuck them into your bra for a bodacious boost, or even in swimwear, when a bikini leaves little to the imagination! Place them under your boobs to create that nice swell on your chest, or place one on either side to bring your girls together for some breathtaking cleavage.

Paint an impression

What is it that creates the illusion of depth? Highlights and shadows of course. You've heard of contouring for your face, why not extend that to your cleavage too? Lightly brush some bronzer down your chest, and dust some highlighter on the top swell of your breasts to enhance fullness.

Just beware that this method is in no way waterproof, so not exactly ideal if you're heading to the beach!

You don't need big breasts to have a voluptuous chest.

Strap your girls in

Employ the engineer's code for fixing things - when in doubt, use duct tape! However, for your breasts, you'll want something a little more suited to skin. That brings us to the Hollywood Transparent Boob Tape. It's the sneaky secret to all those celebrity outfits with plunging necklines, creating a voluptuous chest which fabric barely covers.

It allows you to wear backless, strapless and sheer dresses, without any worry at all, and at the end of the night, all you have to do is peel off and throw away!

They add instant lift, and just like the Silicone Breast Enhancers, can be attached on either side to create a valley of mystery on your chest.

The best thing about this Transparent Boob Tape is that it is clear so it is suitable to all skin tones and you can use it with our nipple covers, allowing you to wear the most risqué of outfits. Just make sure your skin is free of oils and residue before you stick on for long-lasting effects.

If you're worried about loose tops that may play peek-a-boo with your chest when you're out and about, keep some Fashion Tape on hand to keep everything in place! Now, you can walk down the runway in confidence.


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