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Complete Guide To Hollywood Fashion Tape

Complete Guide To Hollywood Fashion Tape

If you’re tired of garments not sitting right or gaping blouses and wondering how some women maintain a level of style like no other, Hollywood Fashion Tape is your little secret to keep your outfits in place and ensure a flawless look. 

From the stunning frocks of the runways to edgy streetwear looks, Hollywood fashion tape is the secret weapon every girl needs to maintain a polished look. For life’s little emergencies and to keep a polished appearance, fashion tape is your BFF to keep your looks on point and avoid constantly readjusting the fit of your clothes.

No matter what you keep in your handbag, make sure Hollywood tape is on-hand. Hollywood fashion tape is your clever little invisible trick to secure loose garments and hold your clothes in place where you want it. Like your favourite lipstick, Hollywood Fashion Tape is your trusty solution to help you feel confident anytime — at work, a night on the town and at special events like a wedding, baby shower or the spring races. 

Live life unapologetically with Hollywood tape

Whether it’s a belt flicking away from your outfit or a blouse sitting in the wrong place, life always finds a way to throw a little surprise just when you’re running late for an important meeting at work or have a special event. But with Hollywood Fashion Secrets you can ensure you’re always prepared to look and feel your best.

Without unnecessary folding and holes from pins, you can affix your clothing where you want it to sit so you can style your outfits any which way you like. For maximum effect, consider Hollywood Fashion Secrets for double-sided adhesives that are hypoallergenic, safe for fabrics, non-irritating for skin and won’t leave any sticky residue behind.

How to apply Hollywood fashion tape

Available in a small tin of precut tapes, Hollywood fashion tape fits in any small clutch or handbag for more convenience so you’re always ready to don the freshest looks. No matter whether you find yourself, at home, leaving work for an event or in the bathroom trying to fix a little mishap, applying fashion tape is effortlessly easy. For the best results, we recommend:

  1. Simply remove a single strip of Hollywood tape from the compact tin to secure your clothes in place. 
  2. Select the area of your skin where you wish to use the Hollywood fashion tape. Hidden or not, it doesn’t matter, fashion tape is clear, invisible and won’t be seen if it is in a small uncovered area.
  3. Remove the backing film and affix the fashion tape to your skin. Once applied remove the backing film of the alternate side and press your garment in place.
  4. Gently rub your garment over the piece of Hollywood fashion tape you attached to ensure a secure and strong adhesive. 

For the best results, we recommend not applying any body oils, lotions or fake tan to ensure you can achieve long lasting results. We also suggest removing fashion tape strips before adding your garments to the wash.

Enjoy the versatility of Hollywood fashion tape in Australia

Whether you have an important event such as a wedding, spring races, a formal, or trying to maintain a professional appearance for work or simply care about your personal presentation every day, Hollywood fashion tape will ensure a flawless appearance. Whether you stick to the original fashion tape or try another product from the Hollywood Fashion Secrets collection, You will have the confidence to pull off any outfit with ease. If you’re interested in maintaining an effortless look, check out our ultimate styling hacks below:

  • Secure fly-away belts —  When you have a sleek outfit planned and you want to find a belt to cinch around your waist, nothing is worse than a belt that fans out away from your body and takes attention away from your carefully chosen ensemble. Simply apply Hollywood fashion tape to the inside or opt for our buckle-less Hip Hugger belt for a secure fit.
  • Close gaping blouses — Nothing distracts away from a great outfit than when gaping occurs between the buttons of your blouse. Easily protect your modesty and adhere fashion tape between the buttons and achieve a flawless fit.
  • Get an instant hem — Whether your pants are a touch too long or you want a tailored fit to match a favourite stiletto or pair of espadrilles, our Temporary Hem Tape instantly hems your pants for a secure fit.
  • Secure a slit — If your dress or skirt has a slit too long or to protect your modesty against the wind, Hollywood fashion tape will keep your garment secure so you can enjoy your event with confidence
  • Hide exposed bra straps — Conceal pesky bra straps and prevent them from peeking through your favourite dresses with our Bra Converting Clips. 


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